The Mootants vs. The Unstoppable Mega-Chicken

NEW and Autographed by the Author! 

Have you herd about the Mootants?

They're moo-pendous!
They're curd-rageous!
They're power-full...of milk!

When a monstrous and fowl creation
Threatens the whole population.
These young, heroic cattle
Are eager to fly into battle.
They are...the Mootants!

This thrilling and hilarious new middle-grade series by best-selling, award-winning author Derek Taylor Kent combines the art and humor of comic books with the literary excitement of chapter books. Life on the farm has never been so hair-raising! Join the mootants as they save our hides from an un-beakable villain bent on world chicken domination. 

Themes: Superheroes, farm life, friendship, art, humor, comic books

Ages 6-11

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