Scary School 4-Book-Series Hardcover Bundle

Ages 7-12

*Award-Winner, Children's Literature Network "Funniest Chapter Book of the Year"

It's the complete collectible hardcover set of Derek's most popular book series! The complete 4-book Scary School series. Each book is signed can be personalized with your young reader's name and a drawing of your favorite monster! (Zombie, Vampire, Wereworld, Ghost, Goblin, Dragon, and more!) 

Your young reader and reluctant will fall in love with reading while reading this laugh-a-minute series. You'll follow the exploits of skinny, rule-following Charles Nukid and half-flower/half-girl Petunia, as they experience LOL and spooky adventure at Scary School--the first school where monsters and human kids attend classes together. Everyone expects Principal Headcrusher's experiment in species mixing to be a complete disaster, but through the series, the students prove that anyone can get along (even Zombies and Bigfoots) and friendship can conquer all. 

Each book will get you 6 A.R. points! Reading level is perfect for Grades 3-6 and is a perfect read for the Halloween season.

Bundle includes Scary School 1-3 in Hardcover and Book 4 in paperback as no hardcovers were produced of Book 4. 

If you would like a paperback bundle for $40.00, please email us at and we can create a special order for you. 

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