The Little Monster

A Glow-in-the-Dark Storybook about Being Afraid of the Dark

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The Little Monster is counting down the days until his birthday. When his parents decide he’s finally old enough to get his own bedroom, he’s too embarrassed to admit that he’s afraid of the dark. Following a series of humorous missteps to cure his fear, the Little Monster discovers that he can have fun in the dark and relax at night in his own room… just in time for his big birthday sleepover party. This innovative glow-in-the-dark storybook empowers kids to face their fears, share their feelings, and find ways to sleep peacefully at night.

Features glow-in-the-dark elements on the cover and every page of the book!

Themes: Fear of the dark, Birthday, Family, Sibling Friendship, Sleepovers, Birthday Party, Overcoming anxiety, Halloween, Monsters, Sharing feelings, Overcoming being afraid of the dark, Social-Emotional learning

Ages 4-10

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